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About Us

We are a Streetwear brand created in Tacoma, Washington. Established in 2012, we have made it our mission to provide fresh apparel and trendy jewelry that uniquely represents the individual “YOU”. We offer apparel for Women, Men and ultramodern Kids of all ages, who have dope style and always have the new and fresh clothing items. We take great pride in every piece of our handcrafted jewelry as well as each exclusively designed garment. Our distinctively creative designs and our commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart from the rest.

We are always asked about the meaning of our name and what it represents. "DIVULGE" means to express, display or show. "VEIN" means attitude, fashion and style. If the words DOPE, FRESH or UNIQUE best describes you, then you’ve come to the right place. Sit back, relax and browse through our collections. We are confident that you will find an item or two (….or three) that will catch your attention. We have plenty of “Must Haves” that will perfectly accent your style.